Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Easy SSH scala scripting

Visit janalyse-ssh, and download "jassh.jar" standalone executable jar.
In the same directory where you've downloaded "jassh.jar"file, create a file named "helloworld", and copy&paste the following content in it :
exec java -jar jassh.jar -nocompdaemon -usejavacp -savecompiled "$0" "$@"
import fr.janalyse.ssh._
SSH.connect(host="localhost", username="test", password="testtest") { ssh =>
  println(ssh.execute("""echo -n "Hello World from `hostname`" """))
Change the specified user to an existing user, or create a "test" user. Give the right password or remove it if you've exported your public SSH key in remote user ~test/.ssh/authorized_keys file
Then make your "helloworld" file executable (chmod u+x helloworld), and execute it :
toto@myhost $ ./helloworld 
Hello World from myhost
Easy ! And you'll take all benefits of the scala language using just vi, in order to make any kind of remote operations ! No graphical user interface required, no compiler (automatic & transparent compilation on the fly when needed), high performances (I've reached a command throughput up to 545 cmd/s on my host), parallelism using actors, easy parsing using combinators, ...


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